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N: Nature & Nest

Yesterday my car died. It’s a completely long story and I’m so aggravated. BUT, instead of going to the puppet show like we planned*, my daughter and I went nest hunting.

When we first moved to our house, my dad found a robin’s nest. It was so cool. Robins use mud to keep their nests together. And here in Georgia, we’ve got red mud! So, the inside of robins’ nests are red. The folklore is that robins get their red breast from squishing that red mud into their nest. Isn’t that cool?

Well, we saved that nest for months. And I was hoping it might just have fallen off our porch and was some what intact below it. But no such luck.

Anyway, as we began our nest hunt, we talked about the letter N and our N verse. Then when I realized I wasn’t going to find a nest, I remembered the next best word for outdoors and the letter N: NATURE!

I yanked the camera out of my purse and we started taking pictures of all the “nature” we could find. I just told her nature was the outdoor stuff God created.

We found all sorts of fun things including an amazing spiderweb complete with mama spider and eggs. *shudder*

So, there you go, an impromptu activity to impress your kids with…the letter N!

*my mom actually did come and pick us up so we went to a puppet show
about a dinosaur that made a NEST in a little boys closet…coincidence?!

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