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Lonely lioness

The letter L is an exciting one… not only can we write letters to lovely little ladies, we can lick lollipops, let laughs loose, lay around lazily…  and make a lion lickety-split.  (sorry about that one…)


I found a fun craft at DLTK’s Crafts for Kids…  I wanted to make a more “realistic” one though – I don’t know of any lion who curls his hair (although her lion is super cute!!!), and, realistically, I’m not going to be able to sit and curl construction paper like that right now.


As you can see in the pictures above, I cut circles out of cereal boxes.  I thought that the bend in the circle from the side of the box would bother me, but it really didn’t.  I just put that part at the top of the head.  And you can see in the first picture (with EJ trying to force his head through the mask’s hole), I taped a popsicle stick onto the circle (with packing tape.  Glue doesn’t dry fast enough around here.  If it’s not firmly attached by the time we start a craft, it’s never going to be attached again.).

I also cut a whole bunch of 4 inch (give or take a bit) strips from a piece of construction paper and gave EJ his glue stick.  My lion mask is the one with the strips actually glued to it… I kind of staggered the strips, and I bent the ones on top out a little bit to give it that “realistic” look. heh heh…


Voila!  A completed lion mask!  Now if your child is so inclined, he or she can run around roaring like a lion, and you have have hours of fun from 5 minutes of gluing.

At least, that’s what I envision could happen.


What is really happening here is EJ trying to get the popsicle stick off the cardboard circle.  He worked really hard at that, and I believe some tears were even shed.

there he is

Then, when I took my completed mask to him to see if he wanted to play lion with me, he hid behind his rocking chair.  Good times.

Seriously, though – has anyone else had a child who used to be so into crafts suddenly rebel (at the tender age of 2.95)?  EJ does not want to do crafts any more.  I don’t know if I’m presenting them wrong, or if this is just a boy thing… is it just a boy thing?  Anyone?  I need help understanding this.


And a lot of patience.


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Fabulous Fall…

Today’s craft: Our Fall Family Tree!

I’m sure there are tons of examples of this on the innerwebs – but I modified one I saw on First School from a “family hand flower” to a “family hand tree.”  Basically, we I traced each family member’s hand onto a piece of construction paper, and then we I cut each hand shape out.  EJ loves to use his scissors, although his ability to cut out shapes needs work.

New at cutting with scissors

Then came the exciting part for EJ – the glue, of course!  I had glued a large cut-out of a tree trunk onto a 11″x14″ piece of white paper, and EJ struck with the glue.

Fall Family Tree

While I made suggestions for the first two leaf-hands to go on the top of the tree, EJ decided the other two would be “falling” from the tree.  Well done, kiddo!

Fall Family Tree

I love this little family tree!  I might put our names on it later, so in 20 years I don’t forget which hand is EJ’s and which is Dieter’s. 

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Back in the Land of the Blogging

Well, our new baby is 2 weeks old and craft-time or even normal playtime has been highly limited. So has sleeptime, eating-time and shower-time. *sigh* What we’ve mainly been doing is stuff like this:

So, I’m sorry I haven’t been around but I love all the stuff Leigh has been posting! I hope you’ve been keeping up.

In an effort for some alone time, I took Lydia to Wal-Mart today. (I know, exciting.) While we were there, I saw that Martha Stewart’s premade kids’ crafts are there now. I’d only seen them at Michael’s or other craft stores. So, I had to stop and look. Then I decided to try one out as a special treat for Lydia…and as a little product review for us! We bought the farmyard animal set–little animals made from pompoms and pre-cut felt.

It is made for ages 4 and up. But I couldn’t even get some of it to work. Lydia was only interested in it because it made animals. I ended up doing most of it by myself. I don’t think it was really worth $5 for the quality and cuteness of craft. But I guess it was worth it to have all the pieces cut out and together.

Anyway, I’ll let you be the judge. What do you think of our farmyard animals?

So, maybe if you’re in a hurry it would be a good buy. Otherwise, I’d just buy a pack of pompoms. You don’t have to be uber-creative to make cute pompom animals. Wait, maybe you do. Because I don’t think ours were Martha-worthy. Oh well.

I’ll be back this week with the letter T!

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O is for Octopus and Omigosh

So, I found a cute octopus craft. I don’t know why I’ve been so stuck on doing an octopus, but I this is what I wanted:

I mean, isn’t that adorable? I knew it was going to be a little hard for a 2 year old, but still, I figured she’d be able to do part of it and then I could do the rest. Easy shmeasy.

Uh, yeah. Well, here’s what ours turned out like:

It took me like 30 minutes to do it and not even one of those legs is even. Does he even have 8 legs?

My daughter was not entertained and ended up measuring the cotton balls instead of making an octopus.

(However, right at this moment, she’s putting the octopus to sleep in the laundry basket. Complete with whispers and a blanket.)

So, next time I’m going to get a craft with a paper plate and a glue stick for goodness sakes.


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The Letter “O”

So, I thought I’d let the pictures do the talking today…

This week we chose Psalm 30:2 “O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.” I thought there would be more “O God…” type verses. But they were all something like, “O God, slay my enemies” or something like that.

Anyway, after reading the verse and writing it, Lydia colored in all the O’s. I think she did a pretty good job.

I printed off some orange clip art…

Found some orange stickers…

And some random orange fun foam and buttons and other stuff…

Then let Lydia decorate a letter O.

Then we used our “O” worksheet from First School. Lydia loved all the animals on the bottom: ostrich, ox, otter and octopus.

She even tried her hand at tracing the letters. Not bad for a two year old, I guess…

And the finished products with her saying, “Ooooooh.”

Happy “O” Day!

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The Letter N: Nest

I had a few snippets of scriptures floating around in my head for N this week…

Never become tired of doing good. Galatians 8:6

Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Romans 8:38-39

And my own personal fave, that I found online while searching “abc bible verses”:

No drunkard shall inherit the kingdom of God. I Corinthians 6:10b


Anyway, neither of those verses actually start with N, nor are they short enough (in my opinion) for a 2 year old to master. So, we did the old slice & dice and came up with:

Nothing at all can ever separate us from God’s love… Romans 8:39b (NIrV)

It’s kinda wordy with that “at all” and “ever”, but I put a little cadence to it and I think she’ll get it quickly.

Now, onto the craft!

I wanted to do a nest. She is enthralled with nests! We found one in a tree once and every time we pass that tree–even six months later, she still wants to look for the nest.

Cute, huh?

Cute, huh?

So, I drew an amazing nest with a Sharpie. *swoon*

Then squeezed some glue out on an index card, grabbed a q-tip for applying…

Cut up some yarn. (The same yarn I’ve had ever since I learned to use a knitting nobby at camp in the 3rd grade. Seriously, I need to do some culling…)

She spread the glue out and we stuck the yarn on!

Next we grabbed some cotton balls, glued those onto the nest. They’re supposed to be eggs. (I know, it kinda looks like spaghetti & meatballs.)

Then I had a flash of brilliance!

Lydia got the best book for her birthday! It’s called The Noisy Egg. And she loves it! Well, it’s about a mama duck who makes a nest, lays some eggs and then waits for them to crack. Her favorite part is when a tiny beak pops out of the egg first.

So, we added a little orange fun foam beak to each cotton ball egg. (They were just little fun foam stickers I had in an assortment box I bought at the craft store.)

I thought our collage was beautiful! But after reading The Noisy Egg, Lydia decided we needed a mommy duck, too. So, we scrounged around for some mommy duck pieces. I found a few big shapes, a strange little pipe cleaner thingie and a couple of googly eyes–so there’s our mama duck!

On a super-spiritual note, I think the verse and the mama duck with her eggs kinda go together. God even describes himself as One that will cover us with his feathers, so we can find refuge under his wings. Just like a mama duck, God won’t let us be separated from His love!

Additional “n” or nest-y type books

Best Dad in the Sea (all about NEMO who gets caught in a NET!)
Are You My Mother? (a little birdy hops out of his nest looking for his mother)

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