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Countdown Calendar: Disney Cruise!

For Christmas this year, my parents gave my brother and I (and our little families, of course) a Disney Cruise! We’ve been on one before as a family, but now that Lydia and my niece, Nora are old enough to enjoy the children’s programming (aka: get out of our hair), we’re going back!

And to help Lydia get excited (like she’d need it), we made a countdown calendar. I blogged about Advent Calendars during Christmas and stole this idea from an advent calendar I found at AlphaMom. And it is SO COOL.


  • corkboard (or heavy cardboard)
  • tacks (or glue gun, or duct tape or whatever sticky substance you like best)
  • small bathroom sized cups
  • small pieces of candy or other small toys
  • tissue paper
  • marker
  • white glue


Pretty cute, huh?

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V is for Vlog

for more of our videos, check out my newbaby.com vlog!


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