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V. The V.

Ok, so it’s not the fifth V craft, but it feels like it! I can’t believe I’ve done so many crafts with this one. Lydia is starting to get excited about “cwaafts” and asks all the time, “Can we do a cwaaft, Mommy?”. So, this is one I thought up in one of those moments.

Are you ready?

We made a VEST.

No, not out of fabric. It’s not something she’ll ever actually wear. But it is a vest.

When I was little, I went to daycare. And one week it was Flintstone week. We all dressed up like Fred and Wilma. I have no idea how I remember this, but I do. I remember that our costumes were paper bags.

So, our vest? Paper bag.

I didn’t properly document it like a good blogger, but it’s pretty easy to figure out.

Just take a giant brown paper bag. Cut down the seam for the opening. Then cut a little hole out of the bottom for your kid’s head. Then two little arm holes. Voila! A vest!

Here’s Lydia sporting her cowgirl vest.

(I think this could be a great robot costume, too. Or any kind of costume for that matter…)

We cut a little fringe on the bottom, added a few spots to decorate it (it was supposed to look like cow spots)and even added a V to the front.

(blue spots on the back, yellow on the front. and look at that fringe on the shoulders!)

The V was my favorite part. I folded a piece of paper (the same way you’d cut a heart out) and drew the lines to a V on it. I showed Lydia where to cut and she cut out her own little V. She was very impressed with her mama. (Yes!)

So, good-bye, V. We’re off to W!!



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V is for Vlog

for more of our videos, check out my newbaby.com vlog!


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Very Very V

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting another installment of the letter U, I’m sorry. I slacked. I did. U was a hard one. I could only think of “uncle” and “unicorn”. I mean, uncle? So, we just skipped ahead to letter V. And V? I like!

I chose John 15:5, “I am the vine. You are the branches.” This is one of the seven “I AM” sayings of Jesus. We’ve already done two of these verses previously (“I am the light” for I and “I am the good Shepherd” for S). I love these sayings because they are such great word pictures. (I’m thinking when we’re done with the ABC verses, we might do a “unit” on these I AM sayings.)

We started off doing starfall.com (which had a vacuum in it! what a perfect V word…I feel a vacuuming activity coming on!). Then we went to our bedroom window and looked outside. We have vines growing all over our house and you can see tons of it from our window. We looked at the vine, the branches, the leaves and talked about what would happen if the leaves came off. Lydia was enthralled. After explaining that we need to be connected to Jesus, I said, “Maybe we can go pick a vine tomorrow.” She said, “No. The leaves would die!” (Or something like that…she was getting the idea!)

Anyway, back to our craft…

Yesterday while I was buying all the YUMMY craft supplies for our BUCKET O’CRAFTS giveaway*, Lydia and I bought some glitter. I’ve been wanting to do glitter with her because I knew she’d love it, but didn’t have any laying around. I bought several different colors and we made a beautiful glittery green vine!

I did the curly vine, let Lydia dump the glitter (which honestly didn’t work too well). Then I cut out those amazing leaves and let her glue them on.

She loves the vine and wants to do MORE. GLITTER. So, get ready for some more glitter crafts, I’m sure.

We also printed off a V handwriting sheet from Christian Preschool Printables and lo and behold–it’s got our verse on it, too. Lydia is getting pretty good at tracing the letters. I’m…yup, impressed!

Not only was this one cute, it’s just a perfect tie in for the verse, the letter and for life! I’ve got another good vine craft up my sleeve. Tonight we’re going to a Harvest Party-thingie at my mom’s church (wait till you see what my kids are dressed up as!) but I’ll be sharing our vine with you soon!

*we’ll announce the winner today or tomorrow, I promise!

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