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Paper boats

EJ loves boats.  Loves them.  So I thought it would be a perfect way to end B’s week with paper boats!

Folding paper into boats would be a bit hard for EJ right now, so I made them myself last night.  I’m glad I didn’t leave it until this morning – some of the tutorials I found online were very confusing.  I wasted a lot of paper – and I was hoping to be able to send you to a website and say, “Hey, go *here* to learn how to make the best paper boats!”  But I can’t… I just didn’t find any that I liked.  I actually wound up making paper boats the way I used to way back when.  The couple I tried that were different from my old school paper boats… well, a lot of tape was involved to get them into boat-shapes. 

Here’s our fleet….

my fleet

We learned that the newspaper soaked up water much faster than the white printer paper I used – in fact, one of the large white boats lasted the whole time before it got water-logged and sank. 

the captain

We put the boats in one at a time and blew them around… and wound up with a soggy, wet pile of paper after about 5 minutes.  It was fun though!  I even made EJ a paper hat – I figured a Captain of all those boats needed a hat.  EJ didn’t think so, though.  Notice there are no pictures of him wearing it.

Letter B things floating

After all the paper boats sank, we put some other B-items in the sink.  Did you know that bananas float?  I didn’t before this morning!  We also wound up with an octopus and two racecars in the sink as well.  EJ played in the sink for at least 45 minutes!

I promised a picture of our bubble art masterpiece once it dried…. here it is up on EJ’s “gallery wall.”

Bubble art in "gallery"

Yesterday was a busy day, with no time for a post or even a formal B activity.  We talked a lot about B’s, though, and ate a lot of B foods – broccoli, bread, beans – even some alphabet cookies that my mom brought over for EJ.  Of course, he only ate the B’s.

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Bananas, berries, and a blender.

fun with the blender

Well, the title pretty much says it all.  Throw in some yogurt, some juice, a little drizzle of honey, and some help from Uncle Drew, and you get our B activity of the day!

banana berry smoothie

A banana-berry smoothie, and a very happy EJ.

mmm, mmm, good!

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