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Lonely lioness

The letter L is an exciting one… not only can we write letters to lovely little ladies, we can lick lollipops, let laughs loose, lay around lazily…  and make a lion lickety-split.  (sorry about that one…)


I found a fun craft at DLTK’s Crafts for Kids…  I wanted to make a more “realistic” one though – I don’t know of any lion who curls his hair (although her lion is super cute!!!), and, realistically, I’m not going to be able to sit and curl construction paper like that right now.


As you can see in the pictures above, I cut circles out of cereal boxes.  I thought that the bend in the circle from the side of the box would bother me, but it really didn’t.  I just put that part at the top of the head.  And you can see in the first picture (with EJ trying to force his head through the mask’s hole), I taped a popsicle stick onto the circle (with packing tape.  Glue doesn’t dry fast enough around here.  If it’s not firmly attached by the time we start a craft, it’s never going to be attached again.).

I also cut a whole bunch of 4 inch (give or take a bit) strips from a piece of construction paper and gave EJ his glue stick.  My lion mask is the one with the strips actually glued to it… I kind of staggered the strips, and I bent the ones on top out a little bit to give it that “realistic” look. heh heh…


Voila!  A completed lion mask!  Now if your child is so inclined, he or she can run around roaring like a lion, and you have have hours of fun from 5 minutes of gluing.

At least, that’s what I envision could happen.


What is really happening here is EJ trying to get the popsicle stick off the cardboard circle.  He worked really hard at that, and I believe some tears were even shed.

there he is

Then, when I took my completed mask to him to see if he wanted to play lion with me, he hid behind his rocking chair.  Good times.

Seriously, though – has anyone else had a child who used to be so into crafts suddenly rebel (at the tender age of 2.95)?  EJ does not want to do crafts any more.  I don’t know if I’m presenting them wrong, or if this is just a boy thing… is it just a boy thing?  Anyone?  I need help understanding this.


And a lot of patience.


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Joyful Impressions: Week 1

IYK joyful 3

Welcome to our month of Joyful Impressions!

So I had a bit of an unintentional break from things last week – no blogging, no letters, no verses… but I’m back in the swing of things!  My week off did give me a chance to think about some of the special things I’m going to do with EJ.  I also thought about what was happening last year at this time… and guess what happened a year ago this month?  I met Amanda!!!

I promise I will get back to our activity this week, but I wanted to give you a bit of background.  Amanda and I were paired up during a swap, and I tell you, she completely spoiled me!  She took so much of my likes into account and sent me the perfect swap package – it helped that we have a lot in common (Atlanta girls who love Jesus and HCJr UNITE!).  And as you know, Lydia and EJ are very close in age – 2 weeks apart, in fact.  Lydia slipped a couple special things into the swap package for EJ, which I discovered anew as I pulled them out with our Christmas decorations.

As I thought about this past year of knowing Amanda and everything that has developed (a long-distance friendship and this blog!), I thought about how important it is to let the people we care about know how important they are in our lives.  The Christmas season just seems to make doing that easier…

So EJ and I wrote a Letter to Lydiafor our Joyful Impressions and Letter L activity this week.  He doesn’t know how much Lydia’s momma means to me, but one day he’ll know… and I can’t wait for them (Lydia and EJ) to meet one day!


I think this was EJ telling me, “No!  Don’t take a picture of me, Momma!”  Got to love it.

We sat down with some magazines and picked out pictures and words that start with the letter L.  I also cut out some L’s by themselves, just for good measure.  EJ got out his trusty glue stick and started gluing, and then “wrote” a little letter to Lydia.  I couldn’t quite read what he wrote, and he wouldn’t tell me… hopefully Lydia will know what it all means.  I wrote a little something as a translation, but again, he wouldn’t tell me if I got it right.


Amanda, don’t let Lydia read this.


Would you like to share your fun Christmas craft, tradition, recipe or activity with us? Well, link up with today’s Joyful Impressions Carnival!Just write a post on your own blog about a great Christmas/holiday/winter activity.  Make sure this idea is kid-friendly and ideally shows your kids the truth about the season or impresses God’s Word on their hearts.

After posting, just click the Mr. Linky below to add the link to your post. (Not the link to your blog, but to your actual post.) And just to be nice, link back to this post, so others can participate, too!

Then come back and look at the other posts and find some fun stuff to do with your kids!


And if you’d like to post this month’s button on your blog, please do!  Grab the code in our sidebar!

IYK joyful 3


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