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Little Hands (Or a Bookworm Bookmark)

From the fruit of his lips a man girl is filled with good things as surely as the work of his her hands rewards him. Proverbs 12:14 (de-emphasis mine!)


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Shine: Paint Your Own Tshirt with a Stencil

A few millenia ago when we started our Y verse, I wanted to do something that would help Lydia understand what it means to be a light. It’s a hard concept to articulate. Finally I decided on the old stand-by: a Christian Tshirt! Ha!


  • tshirt
  • fabric paints (I just got all the clearance ones at Michael’s)
  • foam brushes
  • contact paper
  • scissors
  • cardboard to put inside shirt (we actually used a file folder)

1. Decide on your picture. Lydia and I talked about all the different kinds of light: lamps, lightbulbs, the sun, flashlights, lighthouse, etc. She decided she wanted to paint a  sunshine.
2. Cut a stencil using contact paper. I cut a circle out contact paper, threw the inside away and stuck the contact paper to the shirt.

contact paper stencil

contact paper stencil

3. Paint inside stencil. We used foam brushes because they are the easiest and apply the most paint.
4. Remove stencil.
5. Let dry. (Or you can reverse those two steps.)

Then we used our foam brushes to make the rays of the sunshine. It took everything in me to not correct her imperfect rays. But of course, they ended up looking adorable!

let the sun shine

let the sun shine

Finally, I cut out some more contact paper stencils—in the shape of the word SHINE.



And here’s our finished product!



I asked Lydia what she would say if someone asked her why her shirt said shine. She said, “This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine!” Good for her!



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Lonely lioness

The letter L is an exciting one… not only can we write letters to lovely little ladies, we can lick lollipops, let laughs loose, lay around lazily…  and make a lion lickety-split.  (sorry about that one…)


I found a fun craft at DLTK’s Crafts for Kids…  I wanted to make a more “realistic” one though – I don’t know of any lion who curls his hair (although her lion is super cute!!!), and, realistically, I’m not going to be able to sit and curl construction paper like that right now.


As you can see in the pictures above, I cut circles out of cereal boxes.  I thought that the bend in the circle from the side of the box would bother me, but it really didn’t.  I just put that part at the top of the head.  And you can see in the first picture (with EJ trying to force his head through the mask’s hole), I taped a popsicle stick onto the circle (with packing tape.  Glue doesn’t dry fast enough around here.  If it’s not firmly attached by the time we start a craft, it’s never going to be attached again.).

I also cut a whole bunch of 4 inch (give or take a bit) strips from a piece of construction paper and gave EJ his glue stick.  My lion mask is the one with the strips actually glued to it… I kind of staggered the strips, and I bent the ones on top out a little bit to give it that “realistic” look. heh heh…


Voila!  A completed lion mask!  Now if your child is so inclined, he or she can run around roaring like a lion, and you have have hours of fun from 5 minutes of gluing.

At least, that’s what I envision could happen.


What is really happening here is EJ trying to get the popsicle stick off the cardboard circle.  He worked really hard at that, and I believe some tears were even shed.

there he is

Then, when I took my completed mask to him to see if he wanted to play lion with me, he hid behind his rocking chair.  Good times.

Seriously, though – has anyone else had a child who used to be so into crafts suddenly rebel (at the tender age of 2.95)?  EJ does not want to do crafts any more.  I don’t know if I’m presenting them wrong, or if this is just a boy thing… is it just a boy thing?  Anyone?  I need help understanding this.


And a lot of patience.


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The W that almost Wasn’t…

So, I’ve had big plans for the letter “w”. There are so many awesome words, Lydia and I have been making a list all week. (It includes walrus and Wall-E.) Anyway, the main thing I wanted to do was “WEEK” and learn the days of the week.

I had it all planned out. I asked one of my bff’s, Becky, who is a kindergarten teacher if they sang a days of the week song. And they do…to the tune of The Addams Family. (I found several videos online if you are a glutton for punishment.) Perfect! Lydia loves to sing.

Then I bought The Very Hungry Caterpillar and was going to read that because the caterpillar eats something new every day.

Then I found some days of the week printables at First School that go along with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I was going to print those and let Lydia color them. Then we could display the day…every day.

I mean, how creative am I? A song, a book AND an activity! I just knew Lydia would quickly learn the days of the week and continue to be the child prodigy that she is. All thanks to her creative and attentive mother.

Well, we tried singing the song one day for about five minutes. I bought the book and it sat on the end table for about 3 days. After we finally read it, I tried to print off the aforementioned pictures, but our printer didn’t work. Then I decided to wait until Monday so we could start at the beginning of the week. Well. It’s Tuesday and I just remembered all of this.

Oh, well. Better late than never, right?

FYI: I’m going to take a break from ABC’s in December because Lydia and I are doing a daily Advent craft. I’ll post more about it on Wednesday when we begin a new monthly carnival called (are you ready for this genius?) Christmas Impressions! Joyful Impressions (Leigh had a better title than me!) See you then!


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Real Quick…

Just found THE CUTEST Thanksgiving crafts from my friend Isabel at

I think it’s time for Thanksgiving-table-craft-take-two!


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Fall Impressions: Week 3

[alternate title: How NOT to do a Thanksgiving craft.]

At our house, Thanksgiving is a REAL meal. We dress up, we use china, cloth napkins and all sit around a decorated table. My husband’s family uses mismatched plates and paper napkins…but that’s another post. Anyway, this year I wanted to make something with Lydia that we could use on the table. Place cards or napkin rings or even a centerpiece. I just didn’t want it to be…well, you know…ugly. So, I was overjoyed when I saw this cute napkin ring craft over at Family Fun!

You use buttons lined up on popsicle sticks to make some “Indian corn”. I love it! Buttons are a weakness of mine and I knew Lydia would enjoy gluing them.

The original instructions suggested using 12 popsicle sticks on top of a 4×5.5 piece of felt. I decided to use fun foam instead.

I let Lydia glue on the 12 popsicle sticks. (I happened to have white ones left over from her Snowflake Party.)

Then we started gluing on the buttons. It is important to glue them straight down the popsicle sticks. This gives you the little rows of corn. So, we glued them as straight as we could. Then I realized the buttons were too big for the popsicle sticks. Even though we were gluing them straight, they were still overlapping onto other sticks.

Well, we kept going anyway and then let it dry. Then I tried to roll it up and admire our Indian corn. Only it wouldn’t roll. It looks more like…I don’t know, a trapezoid of buttons. But certainly not anything remotely related to the corn family. Not to mention half the buttons popped off.

In Conclusion:
1. Make sure your buttons are smaller than your popsicle sticks.
2. Make sure your buttons are all the same size.
3. Buy 3billion buttons.
4. Block off at least 2 hours. Unless you’re just eating Thanksgiving dinner with a family of 2. Because this takes a long time.
5. Actually follow the directions. Maybe using the fun foam made it worse? (Note to self: buy felt)

I guess we’ll have to stick with my mom’s napkin rings this year. But the worst part? I wasted all those buttons…

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So, do you have a fun Thanksgiving craft, tradition, recipe or activity to share?  You know, one that actually works? Well, link up with today’s Fall Impressions Carnival! Just write a post on your own blog about a great fall/autumn/thanksgiving activity.  Make sure this idea is kid-friendly and ideally shows your kids the truth about the season or impresses God’s Word on their hearts.

After posting, just click the Mr. Linky below to add the link to your post. (Not the link to your blog, but to your actual post.) And just to be nice, link back to this post, so others can participate, too!

Then come back and look at the other posts and find some fun stuff to do with your kids!

***looks like something is wrong with the Mr. Linky site. So, just leave your link in the comments if it’s not working for you…***



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Welcome Wonderful W

It’s time for W! WOW. I can’t believe we’re getting to the end of the alphabet. (Finally. I won’t even tell you how long it’s taken us!)

There are so many great “w” words. Besides the ones I expertly drew to the left, we also thought of several more. Most of which are escaping me right now.

The first idea that popped into my mind for a verse was something that had to do with “wait”. Goodness knows that Lydia needs to learn a thing or two about waiting. But the only thing I could really find was about waiting on the Lord. And really, I need her to wait on me. Ahem.

So, I looked up “WIN” instead. And I found the jackpot of all W verses:

With your help we will win the battle. You will walk all over our enemies. Psalm 108:13 NIrV

Can I get a WOO-hoo?! That’s six w’s in one verse! I was a little concerned about it’s obviously pro-fighting tendencies. I even emailed Leigh to see what she thought. (Of course, she’s the mother of 2 boys so…)

However, when I read it to Lydia today, I like the way our converation went:

Lydia: What’s battle?

Me: It’s like a fight.

Lydia: What’s ememeies?

Me: It’s someone bad who might try to hurt you.

Lydia: No one hurts me.

Me: That’s true. But sometimes other things can be our enemies. Like this: With Jesus’ help Lydia will win the battle. Jesus will walk all over her fear.


Lydia has a tendency to be shy and fearful. I think this verse is easily seen as big battles and fights. But for my 2 year old, fear is her biggest battle. I hope this verse buries itself deep in her heart.

Now, our awesome craft. I wanted to do a walrus. And I found a cute printable walrus craft on First School. But of course, our printer wouldn’t work. (And why? Because ONE of the THREE cartidges was LOW. grrr.)

So, we made a whale instead. I cut out a (very true to life) outline of a whale. I let Lydia piece it together and then color it with chalk. This was a hit! She absolutely loved it! And then I showed her how to smear it with her thumb. And that made it even cooler.

I’m looking forward to the rest of W. I’m thinking about doing something for “week” because Lydia is really interested in the calendar. And maybe even Jonah and the whale (I know, it was really a big fish, but still…).

Happy W!


Don’t forget about our Fall Impressions carnival tomorrow! Link up and show off your creative Thanksgiving stuff!



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