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Palm Sunday & Easter Book Review

Ever since I first realized that the word “Easter” wasn’t even in the Bible I’ve just had a “eh” feeling about the holiday. It just makes me feel weird that the day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection is so tightly wrapped in a convoluted earthy-pagany-american holiday. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Cadbury eggs. I loved getting a new Easter dress as a kid. I absolutely believe your kids will grow up to love the Lord if they believed in the Easter bunny.


As a mom who wants to use every second, every event, every story, every holiday and everything within me to impress my kids, I just try to separate Easter from the Resurrection of Jesus.

When Lydia was just a year old, I headed to the Christian bookstore to pick up some books about Jesus’ death and resurrection. I figured there’d be tons of good stuff. But I was very disappointed when I started looking around. Every single solitary book had “Easter” in the title. Yeah, I know, that’s what we call it. But still! Not even one book called, “Jesus is Alive!” or “Alive Again!” or “HOSANNA!” Not to mention you can’t even buy a kids’ book about Jesus’ resurrection any other time during the year. (Just like you can’t buy a book about Jesus’ birth except at Christmas.)

But I’m getting side-tracked. Let’s step off that soapbox and get to the real reason for this post!

I want to share one of our favorite “Easter” books with you. This is one of the books I picked up that day and even though it in fact called Easter, Easter Almost Here!, it’s actually about Palm Sunday. (WHICH IS THIS SUNDAY! Where did the time go?!)

We read this book year round. It’s a great rhyme, fun pictures, cute peek-a-boo cut outs, shiny, sparkly colors and a solid re-telling of the story of Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem. I like having a book that is about this specific event because it tends to get lumped together with the next week in Jesus’ life.

Lydia and I can practically say it by heart. I’ve even heard her chanting it while playing or “reading” other books.

If you are looking for an “easter” book or a great intro to this important season, I highly recommend this book!




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Book Review: I’d Be Your Princess

This year, Lydia is having a Snow White birthday party. In keeping with the theme, I wanted to buy her a princess book. She has plenty of the Disney books so I went on a hunt for a princess book that might have a little more to it than a pretty dress and a shiny tiara. And I found it!

The book is I’d Be Your Princess by Kathryn O’Brien and illustrated by Michael Garland. It’s a conversation between a little girl and her dad. The little girl is imagining that her dad is a king and she, his princess.

With every exciting event in this little princess’ life (a feast, a drawbridge, a royal sailing adventure, etc.) her dad adds to it by imagining how she would react–showing Godly character. Each adventure is also supported by a short scripture.

Here’s an exerpt:

I love it because of the cute illustrations, the imagination of the little girl and the direction of her dad. It’s how I want to teach Lydia–making God’s Word a normal part of our life. I also love seeing the warm connection between a dad and his daughter. It’s a big departure from the typical rolling-eyes-girl and bumbling-dad you see on kids’ tv.

This book is perfect for Lydia because so many of the dad’s encouragements are exactly things we’ve been talking about with her–how she is brave, a good friend and a helper.

My favorite part is the end, the little girl says that she would ask her dad to dance at the royal ball. He tells her that he will let her stay up past her bedtime because she is such good company. My husband read this book to Lydia and I loved hearing him speak those words over his daughter. I pray Lydia hears the same words and knows they also come from her father’s heart!

This is the perfect gift for your little princess–especially if you can get Daddy in on it, too. It will be a special book for the two of them to share! I highly recommend this one!

And oh, if you don’t have a princess in your family, check out I’d Be Your Hero for your little boys! (I haven’t read this one yet, but I know it’s in Asa’s future!)



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