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D is for dragging my feet.

This has been a really hard week to get started for me.  After coming back from the beach and taking Monday to recover from the trip, we got off to a slow start with the letter D.  A lot of it has been my… ambivalence about the verse I picked.  No, scratch that – it wasn’t the verse – it was the song that went with it from the Seeds Family Worship collection.  I’m still wavering… I’m not sure I should be sticking to my plans to use verses exclusively from the CDs on this one.  I still love the CDs, but I’m not feeling the song that goes with the verse… I’ll let you know what I’ve decided by the end of the week.

Letter D items

For the letter D, we picked out things from EJ’s toys that started with the letter D.  We picked out (from top left) a dog, a duck, a Dodge Charger, a dump truck, Darus the Dragon (EJ named him “Darus” a while ago – I have no idea where he got it from), a deer, two blinking duck eggs, and three dinosaurs.  Once he got the hang of it, he was picking things out like a champ.  The eggs were his idea – I honestly didn’t know they were duck eggs.

At dinner, we also talked about other things in his life that start with the letter D.  Two of the most important things… Daddy and Deeter (baby brother’s initials are DT, so Deeter has evolved into his nickname)!

 Daddy and Baby D

 Drummer boy

And a quick preview of tomorrow’s activity… D is for DRUMMING!!!







If you haven’t heard Amanda’s good news already, please go over to her blog for her wonderful announcement!


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Crayons save the day!

I wasn’t able to wrap up last week the way I intended to… 
Letter C

EJ was sick last Wednesday, so we weren’t able to take a trip to see baby chicks that just hatched at a friend’s house.  In fact, we weren’t able to do much at all.  But we hadn’t done anything with our letter C worksheets from First School, so EJ colored on those.  Look at his first “C” ever! 
EJ's first C

I had also been kicking around the idea of melting crayons into something else – I’ve seen letter shapes and circles on the web lately – but I don’t think EJ would have the patience for that yet.  I’ll save that for another year. 

Thursday saw us heading down to Nag’s Head for a long weekend at the beach with some family and friends.  We talked with EJ about the beach last week during B-week, and of course, he was super-excited to get there.  He had a great time with his cousins…

 the cousins

But we never actually made it to the actual beach.  Due to the storm that was off the coast, the surf was so high, and for some reason, the water level (is that what it’s called at the beach?) was really high, too.  When we took EJ to the beach the first time, there was no way to even make it down the stairs to walk on the beach – the tide had brought the water straight to the bottom of the stairs.  No beach to walk on, no sand for sand castles.  Thankfully, Jockey’s Ridge State Park was close by, so we did get some kite flying done.


Today, I’m catching up on housework after being gone (all that laundry!), and I need to plan for our week of D things!  So we’ll be back on our regular schedule starting tomorrow.  See you then!

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C is for…*

A few of my favorite things start with the letter C.  Chocolate, cookies, chocolate, cake, caramel, cocoa, candy, chocolate, chips…

Here are a couple more that start with C, too.

C is for...

I did the clip art again.  I keep coming back to this because I can pick the pictures and words I want to use, instead of ones others chose for me.  And I made it fun again…

gluing C words

Glue!  EJ was so excited about this.  He kept asking for more C words… “What’s next?”  I went with the glue stick to keep my nerves calm.

C verse

Our verse for the week was picked out by Daddy.  I was thinking about “Let the little children come to me,” or sticking with the first part of last week’s verse, “Children, obey your parents…” (we still need a lot of work on that one).  But as I mentioned it last night, my husband recommended this one.  Perfect. Lots of C’s, easy to repeat, and several important lessons to learn about God and our relationship with Him – all rolled into one verse!

Beach collage

While the glue was out, we made a collage.  I was thinking about another C-thing collage, but we’re heading to the beach on Thursday with EJ’s cousins (the adorable girls in the top right picture in the collage).  We started talking about the beach during B week last week, and I thought we could continue with that.  He got to use his glue stick and the scissors.  He was thoroughly enjoying himself today.

We talked through what was going on the collage as we picked out pictures from some of my summer magazines.  And we picked out some C words, too.  EJ actually picked out the corn and the chocolate chip cookie.  Both may definitely make an appearance at the beach.  And of course, the cousins’ picture made it into the collage, too.

And for a snack… chocolate chunk muffins! 

Chocolate Chunk Muffins


* How many of you started singing “C is for Cookie” when you read this?  It’s been running through my head all day…

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Bubble art

Today’s activity was so much fun.  Bubble art!  There are so many posts/tutorials/examples of this on the web, with tons of different ways to do this, so I just made up my own bubble paint with products I had on hand.
bubble art supplies

Bubbles left over from party favors, washable paint, cups, plates, bubble wands, and bubble wrap.  I experimented with the bubble paint solution – adding more paint until it seemed concentrated enough, and then adding a tad bit more water so the bubbles were easier to blow.  Then I cut a couple small sections of the bubble wrap to act as stamps to dip directly into paint.  See?mixed bubble paint

bubble wrap





We headed outside (what a wonderful day – high in the low 70’s in Virginia in September – unheard of!!!) with our paints and a big piece of butcher paper.  EJ started blowing bubbles onto the paper right away – and never touched the bubble wrap stamps.  Oh well.
blowing bubble art

The bubble art quickly changed into chasing bubbles around the yard, which was tons of fun, too.  Notice his new painting t-shirt: a blue Beatles t-shirt* that I “outgrew” a while ago.  More Bs!!!
blowing bubbles

We also blew big bubbles in our cups!

Cup bubbles

Here’s a glimpse of our finished product.  It’s hanging up to dry, and I want to hang it up in EJ’s room when it’s ready.  I’ll get some pictures of it hanging up before the B week is over. 

bubble art

This project was a hit.  I think if I were to do it again, I’d use food coloring to tint the bubbles – the paint I used didn’t do exactly what I wanted it to do.  Others have also used tempura paint (powdered), but I didn’t have any on hand.  The bubble wrap stamps were not as interesting, although I had fun with them.  It might be more fun as a large scale project just using the bubble wrap.  The extra bubble wrap will be popped soon enough, though, bringing more bubble fun to our B week. 

*EJ’s still wearing the Beatles t-shirt.  I’m going to make him a Beatles fan after all!

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Bananas, berries, and a blender.

fun with the blender

Well, the title pretty much says it all.  Throw in some yogurt, some juice, a little drizzle of honey, and some help from Uncle Drew, and you get our B activity of the day!

banana berry smoothie

A banana-berry smoothie, and a very happy EJ.

mmm, mmm, good!

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Remember the Letter R

Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant, but I could not think of one verse that began with the letter “R” except “Rejoice in the Lord always” and honestly, I wasn’t sure if that was a verse or a song! So, I pulled out my handy dandy concordance and began to flip through the R’s. Wow. Concordances are…well, detailed.

Finally, I got to the word “remember” and I liked this idea. I want Lydia to REMEMBER the things of the Lord. While comparing the concordance to the NIRV on, I found one of my favorite verses (and probably one of the first I ever memorized) Proverbs 3:6, “In all your ways REMEMBER Him. Then He will make your path smooth and straight.”

(Now that I look at it and we’ve said it a few hundred times, I should have split this up and done the first sentence this week and the second sentence next week for “S”: smooth and straight. Live and learn.)

I know “remember” is kind of a hard concept, even though we do talk about remembering a lot. So, I taught Lydia the sign for remember to kind of help emphasize the word and the verse. (You can see the sign here.) I think this helped and she’s very intent to do the sign while we say the verse…or while I say the verse.

(We’ve done sign language with Lydia since she was months old. She knows well over a hundred signs. So, she’s used to this. But regardless, I think motions/signs help emphasize any learning. The more senses you can use, the more you’ll remember.)

There are so many great r words: roses, rainbow, round/rectangle, red…and ROBOT. Ever since Lydia saw Wall-E (or Waaaaalllleeee, as she says it), she’s been really into robots. We decided to make a red, rectangle robot with ribbon appendages. We pulled out the ever-present baby name book and decided on “Razi” as a first name. What can I say? She liked it.

By the way, Lydia did the whole thing by herself with the exception of the ribbon and the awesome button and light drawings I did on Razi’s chest. Did you see the great eyes and nose she did? That’s a big improvement—there are actually TWO separate eyes! Oh, and the “scribbling” on the top left? Lydia wrote “Razi the Robot”, of course.

I was going to go through our books for “R” but Lydia already thought of a book because it has a RAINBOW in it…our Little Golden Book of Noah’s Ark. It’s actually quite good–follows the story well and has cute pictures. We’ll do more with Noah and the rainbow this week because I think it’s a great tie in to “remember”—God put the rainbow in the sky so we could REMEMBER His promise to us.

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Let’s start at the very beginning…

Hiya, everyone!  I’m Leigh – thanks, Amanda, for the wonderful intro!  I would’ve posted some before now about my prep for this week, but today got here before I was ready! 

My son, EJ, is a couple weeks younger than Amanda’s beautiful daughter.  I wasn’t ready to start him earlier with any kind of “structured” learning (not that I would call what I’m doing “structured” in any way – anyone with a 2 year old knows that any structure you plan typically flies right out the window) due to our arrival of baby #2.  Well, now that said baby is 8 months old, I finally felt ready to get going.  Finally.

As Amanda said, I was really excited to peek in on what she was doing with Lydia.  I wasn’t ready for a full-on homeschool preschool curriculum – the ones I saw online kind of intimidated me.  I wanted to pick and pull from things that I liked.  And I’m sure I’ll be changing things as I go – I already learned some things about EJ’s learning style from our time this morning.

So we started with the letter “A” today…  And I chose the verse “And God is able to shower all kinds of blessings on you.” 2 Corinthians 9:8, to concentrate on this week.  I wish the word “glue” started with the letter A.  That was the biggest hit of the morning.

I copied the verse onto a piece of construction paper, and I printed out some clip art for “A” words.  We had an apple, an ant, an astronaut, an acorn, and an airplane.  All of them are some of EJ’s favorite things – especially the ant and the astronaut.  I cut them out and EJ went wild with the glue.  My idea was to kind of have the A word things “shower” down under the verse, and we’ll keep talking about the verse all this week.

I used Amanda’s idea for the alphabet worksheet from First School.  I love that site! 

Crayons would not do to color in the letter A.  Once he had the glue in his hand, he would not let go.  So we covered all the letters on the page with torn pieces of red paper (red for apples).  He even covered the smaller letters and the writing on the side of the sheet.  He didn’t want to hold the paper up for me to get a picture of him with it, so this is what I got…

We talked about the letter A all morning.  EJ’s known his letters by sight for a while, so I had him point out A’s on signs to me as we went to the dentist (which has no A’s in it.  Except I got to say “AAAAHHHH” really big for the dentist this morning, so that was fun.)  We saw automobiles and an ambulance, and we “Ah-Choo’d” over and over (that was hilarious!).  He got to see Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jessie, and have apple juice for lunch.  He also told Poppy (my dad) all about his letter A words over the phone.  I got to sing “The Ants Go Marching” 5 times back to back on the way home, too.  I’m glad I looked up all the verses online before today – I couldn’t remember past “The ants go marching 4 by 4…” on my own.

So what I learned is that I cannot force EJ to do anything.  I already knew this in every other area of his life – I don’t know why I thought this would be any different.  I didn’t really try to force anything on him, but I pushed the verse too hard.  We’ll have to come back to that later today, and hopefully he’s decided it’s OK to listen to me say it over and over again.  Does anyone have any other suggestions about how to help a child learn a verse? 

I am excited about the rest of the week.  We have a full week already planned, so squeezing in just a couple more Athings will be about all we can do.  But EJ is really getting into the A sounds and words that start with the letter A… and he’s already talking about B words and sounds, and even S words and sounds!  So he’s picking up on this fast.  I hope I can keep up!

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