Countdown Calendar: Disney Cruise!

For Christmas this year, my parents gave my brother and I (and our little families, of course) a Disney Cruise! We’ve been on one before as a family, but now that Lydia and my niece, Nora are old enough to enjoy the children’s programming (aka: get out of our hair), we’re going back!

And to help Lydia get excited (like she’d need it), we made a countdown calendar. I blogged about Advent Calendars during Christmas and stole this idea from an advent calendar I found at AlphaMom. And it is SO COOL.


  • corkboard (or heavy cardboard)
  • tacks (or glue gun, or duct tape or whatever sticky substance you like best)
  • small bathroom sized cups
  • small pieces of candy or other small toys
  • tissue paper
  • marker
  • white glue


Pretty cute, huh?

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3 responses to “Countdown Calendar: Disney Cruise!

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  2. We just came back from our first Disney cruise. It was completely awesome! I’m just sorry that we weren’t able to take advantage of everything they had to offer, with it being a 3-day cruise. We will definitely book again. Have fun!

  3. awesome. we are linking to it in on our reading list. have a great time.