It’s Snowing in Georgia!!

It doesn’t snow here often and when it does, we get excited!

snow princess

We were at church when it started. So we got to drive home with big fat snowflakes falling everywhere, roofs and mailboxes frosted white with snow. Lydia giggled and oohed and aahed all the way home.

We raced outside to take some pictures. Then took off our dripping clothes to take a nap. Lydia pulled on some snowflake patterned pants. Then we hopped in the bed to read Charlie & Lola’s Snow is My Favorite and My Best by Lauren Child.

Now she’s taking a nap with her white bear she calls Snow Bear. And has been promised that we will build a snowman in the morning. Yup, it’s been a pretty exciting day for Lydia.
snow angel

“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;  though they are red as crimson,  they shall be like wool”. Isaiah 1:18-19



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2 responses to “It’s Snowing in Georgia!!

  1. It snowed, here, today, as well… but we didn’t get enough for a snowman. 😦

    I hope Lydia enjoys the snow!

  2. Leigh

    YAY! It’s snowing here, too – and EJ will get to play in it tomorrow. it started snowing too late to get any playing done today!