A Blissful New Year

So, we’ve been painfully absent from Impress Your Kids since the new year began. For me, the new year seems to have just started because my daughter’s birthday is done! Starting at Thanksgiving, we have a holiday or birthday every week till the 3rd week of January! *whew* It’s tiring!

(Oh, but was her birthday ever fun! Click over to my daily blog to see more of her party!)

Now that our party is done, the gifts are almost put away and I only have dishes and laundry to do, we will turn our attention back to crafts, the alphabet, scripture memory and yes, the old blog! However, I want to clarify that just because we aren’t doing an ABC craft, it doesn’t mean I’m not trying to impress God’s truth or love onto my daughter. In fact, as a public schooled kid, my biggest times of learning (academically AND about God, etc.) were when my parents let me skip school and go on a retreat or head downtown for a big event.

Our family has done so much these last few weeks, Lydia may not have learned a scripture or made a craft, but she has been soaking up family. And making special memories. And even in our crazy scheduled lives, I pray her heart is being molded into what God desires for it to be.

OK. Didn’t mean to get all mushy there. I really came here to tell you about my new blogging gig! I’m going to be a contributor on Blissfully Domestic. Whaaat? You don’t read Blissfully Domestic? family-bliss-contributorIt’s a big huge beautiful online magazine about uhm…the domestic life. All written by the women who live it. I’ll be posting weekly in the Family Bliss section. I’ll let you know when I post, I’d love for you to come over and read along!

I guess that’s it! I’m back to scouring the internet for more letter X crafts before Lydia wakes up!

ps–did you see our new header and button? It’s so adorable!! Grab the new button and show it off on your blog!!


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