Fall Impressions: Week 4

Just a little last minute turkey craft for you and the kids. No spiritual value whatsoever. But yummy? Oh yeah!! Click here to see my vlog about it!

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So, do you have a fun Thanksgiving craft, tradition, recipe or activity to share?  You know, one that actually works? Well, link up with today’s Fall Impressions Carnival! Just write a post on your own blog about a great fall/autumn/thanksgiving activity.  Make sure this idea is kid-friendly and ideally shows your kids the truth about the season or impresses God’s Word on their hearts.

After posting, just click the Mr. Linky below to add the link to your post. (Not the link to your blog, but to your actual post.) And just to be nice, link back to this post, so others can participate, too!

Then come back and look at the other posts and find some fun stuff to do with your kids!



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4 responses to “Fall Impressions: Week 4

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  2. Hmmm, I’m not seeing Mr. Linky, and since he dissed me last time, I’ll just give you the link here again 🙂


    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Weird, Jodi. I didn’t see it at first either. And now suddenly, it’s here! I just linked up for you…

  4. My sis and I made a bunch of those turkeys for the Thanksgiving table and they were a HUGE hit! Unfortunately we didn’t have any kids to help us with them… the 7 month old wasn’t interested in helping. 🙂 I think that they will become a tradition in our family. Thanks for the ideas!