Are you guys OK if I don’t take pictures of all the worksheets and the construction paper verses that EJ and I do?  I keep forgetting to take pictures of them, and then when I do take pictures, I’m a couple weeks behind… yadda yadda yadda.  If you really want to see them, I’ve got a post in drafts just waiting to go… no? ‘K, then!

“The Lord bless you and keep you.” Numbers 6:24.  This has been one of my favorite verses for years, and I thought our “K” week would be a perfect time to introduce this to EJ.  We’ve been talking about how God will keep him safe through all his 2 year old fears, and I love that this verse is a reminder of that as well as a blessing.  As EJ grows, I pray that he will really see the depth of how the Lord will keep him.

Now, I’m excited about what I’m about to share – it’s not a craft that EJ was able to participate in with me, but the use of it has already provided hours of fun and pretending.  Presenting… King EJ!


Every King needs a crown, and this was so much fun to make.  Seeing EJ’s face when I gave him his crown – priceless!


After carefully inspecting his King’s crown, EJ switched into full on King mode.  Since I made a crown for Dieter, too, I had to wear it and be King Momma.  Which was fun, too.


Notice how King EJ is going shirtless these days.  Perfect for the cooler weather hitting us now.


There are a lot of different ideas for making crowns floating around online these days, and of course, nothing beats construction paper crowns.  I’m in love with sewing felt right now, so when I got this bug in my brain, I had to make it.  I’m thinking about posting details on how I made these little gems on my craft blog, so I’ll let you know when I get my act together and post it over there. 



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3 responses to “‘K?

  1. That is one amazing crown! Esme refuses to wear any of the paper crowns we make. I bet she’d wear one like that…

  2. may have missed an update, but how’s the leg/foot?

  3. omg, I LOVE THIS!

    But seriously, did you post this just to make me feel even worse about my failed napkin ring craft?! *sigh* I am not really a crafty person. I just play one on the internet…