V. The V.

Ok, so it’s not the fifth V craft, but it feels like it! I can’t believe I’ve done so many crafts with this one. Lydia is starting to get excited about “cwaafts” and asks all the time, “Can we do a cwaaft, Mommy?”. So, this is one I thought up in one of those moments.

Are you ready?

We made a VEST.

No, not out of fabric. It’s not something she’ll ever actually wear. But it is a vest.

When I was little, I went to daycare. And one week it was Flintstone week. We all dressed up like Fred and Wilma. I have no idea how I remember this, but I do. I remember that our costumes were paper bags.

So, our vest? Paper bag.

I didn’t properly document it like a good blogger, but it’s pretty easy to figure out.

Just take a giant brown paper bag. Cut down the seam for the opening. Then cut a little hole out of the bottom for your kid’s head. Then two little arm holes. Voila! A vest!

Here’s Lydia sporting her cowgirl vest.

(I think this could be a great robot costume, too. Or any kind of costume for that matter…)

We cut a little fringe on the bottom, added a few spots to decorate it (it was supposed to look like cow spots)and even added a V to the front.

(blue spots on the back, yellow on the front. and look at that fringe on the shoulders!)

The V was my favorite part. I folded a piece of paper (the same way you’d cut a heart out) and drew the lines to a V on it. I showed Lydia where to cut and she cut out her own little V. She was very impressed with her mama. (Yes!)

So, good-bye, V. We’re off to W!!



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2 responses to “V. The V.

  1. Leigh

    LOVE IT! I completely forgot about this idea – this will be making an appearance at our house, too!

  2. I love it! Esme just figured out how to use scissors for the first time this week (19 mo) – and cutting the fringe is something she would totally love to do if I held the bag for her!