Any ideas to keep a 2 year old immobile?

After being injured last weekend, EJ’s foot is not broken as we had feared, but the doctor said to keep him off the foot as much as possible for the next 4 or 5 days.  … please help!!!


This where this week’s verse gets some practice: “Nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37).



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7 responses to “Any ideas to keep a 2 year old immobile?

  1. sedatives sounds wise to me…

  2. My son was two when the doctor ordered maternity bed rest for me. It wasn’t an injury to him that made it necessary to keep him contained. It was the fact that I couldn’t be up and around keeping after him.

    He spent lots of time in his high chair eating Popsicles and watching Adventures in Odyssey videos. Not the best solution, but it helped.

  3. I am so sorry. I only have two words for you:



  4. kelly

    you need to make a birdie sling! just stuff him in that thing and carry him around!

  5. I am of no help… three little boys are still during naptime (sometimes), during dinner (somtimes) and during storytime (occasionally).

  6. What a tough one! It really depends on the kid. I’d try things like DVDs, audio stories, books “on tape” that he can read along with, play dough, colored pencils…

  7. good luck. been there, done that, didn’t do it well. Kady broke her leg last march. We were to keep the 18-month-old non-weight-bearing. How do we do that, we asked the PA. She said we just needed to do the best we could. The bone healed really well.
    We did lots of little, new toys that she could play with in her lap: play-doh, dolls (cars for you?), magnetic play sets, books, crayons/coloring books. I’ve seen some I spy playsets that looke really neat. Maybe try some building blocks sets that are not so fun to knock down (to keep him from chasing them across the floor). Most of all, we’ll pray for y’all!