My Impressions

It’s still not a very active week over at chez moi.  And I’ve been getting really down about it.  Sickness and injuries are taking their toll on everyone here, and this morning it all came to a head for me. 

Thankfully, the Lord has made fall come late to central Virginia this year.  The weather has just recently become cool enough for the leaves to turn colors, so what should’ve been happening almost a full month ago is happening now – when I really need it.  As I drove the kids to the doctor’s again today, I fully saw the glory of the fall leaves around me.  What a peaceful drive that turned out to be!  And as we got home, there was a little gift waiting for me on our sidewalk.

Impressions of Fall

This isn’t one of our leaves – we only have the brown leaves falling from our trees.  And it was the only non-brown leaf around.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Since we’re on the letter “I” this week, and we started the Fall Impressions this week here on the blog, I’ve really been thinking a lot about what I am impressing on my kids’ hearts and minds.  From the time this blog started, I’ve been consciously thinking of wonderful ways to impress the Word of God on my children.  But I have not been consciously thinking about what else I am impressing on them… during this time of their sickness, they have seen a tired, cranky mommy who really just wants to lay down.  I have not been impressing them with the love that the Lord wants me to show them.

Letter I verse

I am so thankful that “Nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37).  …that out of my time of need, I can draw from His strength to shower my children with love – every day.  I am thankful that the Lord continues to impress His Word on my heart, too.


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  1. My favorite thing about God…well, one of my favorite things is that when we give and serve and actively work at doing something for Him, he always pours back into us.

    When you impress your kids with God’s love, God does even more of it for you! Beautiful post, Leigh!