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Go, go, go, go for G!

I will save you all the gory details – but today is the first day we’ve had in well over a week to actually get to getting on with our letter of the (2) week(s) – G!!!

Creation of George the Giraffe

I’ve had several giraffe crafts bumping around in my head, and this is the first one to make it out.  Introducing…

George, the Gentle, Giant GiraffeGeorge the Giraffe

a fill-in-the-blank story by EJ and Momma

Once there was a giant giraffe named George.  He was green, giant, and gray.  He loved to eat grapes and grass (and also green leaves!).  One day, George’s mommy and daddy came home with a new baby brother giraffe for George.  The baby giraffe’s name was Gerald.  Gerald was great (and he was not a giant giraffe like George, yet, because he was still a baby)

Gerald liked to run around and jump, and play football, and go, but it bothered him when baby Gerald got in the way.  George was always telling the baby to “Go away!”  But George’s mommy and daddy reminded him that he needed to be gentle with Gerald.  George remembered that God wanted him to be gentle, too, and from that day on, George became the gentle, giant giraffe.  He and Gerald now like to eat gooey things, and play guitars, and go on walksThey watch gorillas jumping, and they love Gam and Great-Gam, and they go for walks.

The end.


OK, so I also had an ulterior motive to doing a story about a gentle giraffe… EJ’s not so gentle with Dieter right now, and I hoped that this might be a good moral tale for him.  I’m not sure how much he got it, but he got really into giving me details about what they like to do.  He only needed little reminders to try to stick with “G” words.  It didn’t always work, but I think the story turned out well.

George the Giraffe

I think I need work on my giraffe’s face, though – don’t you?  He looks like a smug dog, or something…



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You don’t want to know what “G” is for this week…

OK – I’ll tell you… it’s been gross around here this week.  After 2 days of Dieter with a stomach bug, we thought we were out of danger, until both boys were hit again late tonight.  So it’s 2:00am, and EJ and I are hanging out in the living room in between “episodes.”  I’m keeping up with the constant flow of laundry, and all I can say is thank goodness for Noggin.

It’s hard to live out our G verse right now: “Give glory to God for ever and ever.  Amen.” (Gal. 1:5).  Thankfully, He does guide us through these rough times, and we can truly give Him the glory for that!

I’ve promised EJ a giraffe tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll be able to sneak some fun in here in the middle of all this grossness.

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Towers & Tinkerbell

In the continuing effort to maximize our “T verse and after our awesome train, I scoured our bookshelves for some good “T” books. But no such luck. Then I glanced at the site Leigh mentioned, Christian Preschool Printables but their suggestion was the Tower of Babel. Which made me remember my FAVORITE BOOK IN THE WHOLE WORLD and its story about the Tower of Babel.

So, Lydia and I read it. And for some reason, even though we’ve read it 100 times, she was mesmerized by this story and the tower. She asked lots of questions. And even though I couldn’t really explain languages, I was happy to read the end because (in my own terrible paraphrase), the author explains that there is no way we can get to heaven. We can never build a tower big enough. So, for man and God to be reconciled, Heaven would have to come to earth. And that is exactly what happened when Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem.


And the Tinkerbell? Well, my aunt sent Asa some clothes and was kind enough to not leave out the big sister. So, Lydia got a Tinkerbell paperdoll. We played with it forever and continued to talk about T-t-t-t-tinkerbell! Hey, anything can be a teachable moment! (Like, “Uh, Lydia, we do NOT dress like Tinkerbell. Only fairies can wear short skirts and a strapless bustiere and have pouty lips.”)

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So, we’re on day two of the letter T. And I decided a train would be a great craft. I mean, there’s got to be mountains of crafts on trains. And there are. They are just all lame. At least to me. I found one made out of a tissue box and thought it might work ok. I modified it a little and well, here it is…

Supplies needed:

tissue box
toilet paper/paper towel tube
brown or plain paper
miscellaneous decorations


1. Wrap tissu! box with paper. I suggest you make sure the seam is on the bottom and the opening to the tissue box is on the top. That will help you later…

2. Cut tube to desired height and tape to end of box. Push tissues in tube. Voila–smoke stack and smoke!

3. Attach wheels and other decor as needed.

4. If you’re feeling really crafty, make some people to go along for the ride. Lydia and I used yarn, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes and clothespins to make exact replicas of ourselves. Lydia drove the train. I was the passenger. Of course.

Just punch them into the top of the train/box (this is why you want the opening on top) and they’ll be snug as a bug in a rug.

5. If you’re feeling especially educational (and happen to have some fun foam letters on you) spell the word “train”. Or you know, if you can’t fit it all in one line, just spell “Tra” and “in”. Whatever works.

6. Last but not least, practice your “chugga, chugga, chooo chooo”!

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Terrific T’s!

My little boy is 3 weeks old and now I finally feel like I can focus on something other than merely keeping my eyes open! Thank you, Leigh for all the awesome posts. I’m jealous of all the fun stuff you guys have done!

We’re finally back to our ABC’s and a had a lot of fun with this one! T is a terrific (*ahem*) letter and you could do tons (*cough*) with it.

We chose to do the most basic…a tree! It’s worked out well because the fall is upon us and the trees are worth looking at! We have a beautiful dogwood in our front yard that is changing this week to beautiful red leaves. It’s gorgeous.

So, after a little starfall, and a wonderful T tracing (hand drawn by moi), we made a tree. Actually, I cut out the trunk and limbs. Then, I had Lydia guess what it was. She had no idea. “A hand?” *sigh*

Then we went outside to gather TEN leaves. We were probably outside for 4 minutes. And when we went back inside to glue, she said giggling, “That was fun!”

I felt so bad. My little girl has had to grow up a lot these past 3 weeks. She needed some more fun time outside with her mama!

Anyway, we glued the ten leaves on and if I do say so myself, our tree is lookin’ pretty terrific!

I chose Proverbs 3:5 because its a “classic”. It also is the predescessor to our “R” verse, Proverbs 3:6. But I like it with the tree, too because it reminds me of seasons. We trust the seasons will come and go like they always do. I want Lydia to trust God with all her heart in the same way…recognizing his faithfulness in every season of life.

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Fabulous Fall…

Today’s craft: Our Fall Family Tree!

I’m sure there are tons of examples of this on the innerwebs – but I modified one I saw on First School from a “family hand flower” to a “family hand tree.”  Basically, we I traced each family member’s hand onto a piece of construction paper, and then we I cut each hand shape out.  EJ loves to use his scissors, although his ability to cut out shapes needs work.

New at cutting with scissors

Then came the exciting part for EJ – the glue, of course!  I had glued a large cut-out of a tree trunk onto a 11″x14″ piece of white paper, and EJ struck with the glue.

Fall Family Tree

While I made suggestions for the first two leaf-hands to go on the top of the tree, EJ decided the other two would be “falling” from the tree.  Well done, kiddo!

Fall Family Tree

I love this little family tree!  I might put our names on it later, so in 20 years I don’t forget which hand is EJ’s and which is Dieter’s. 

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The dried fruit “activity”

So, I gave you a bit of a sneak-peak at my fruit-drying endeavor on Tuesday… I prepped everything Tuesday night based on the amount of time the little booklet that came with my dehydrator said each fruit would take to dry.  Based on the booklet, everything should’ve taken 12-16 hours to dehydrate – so I got it going late Tuesday hoping we could enjoy a sweet snack Wednesday morning.  The times were off for my fruit, though.  Everything dried much quicker than that.  I turned the dehydrator off when I woke up in the morning, so everything only took about 10 hours to get to the states that I describe below.  Because of that, next time I can involve EJ more in the whole process – the drying process itself will be come the activity.  However, he did get enjoy the fruits of my labor (ha! get it?).


We don’t usually sit on the floor of our kitchen and eat. Only on special occasions.

Let’s start off with the disappointment… They are in all the other pictures anyway, so I might as well get them out of the way.  The bananas were gross.  Please avert your eyes if you have a weak stomach.

banana - yuck

Not only did they look gross, they smelled gross.  Bluh.  I have no idea how they tasted.  No one would touch them.  Can you blame us?

The apples fared much better.  Very nicely dried, no discoloration (thanks to a dip in pineapple juice beforehand)… while a dried apple does not have a very appealing texture to me, that’s just a personal preference.  EJ and Daddy ripped through them with no problems.  I think Dieter could also eat these without much problem… they are soft and kind of sproingy.


Finally, at last, the pineapple.  I had very high hopes for these little guys – thanks to Mrs. Cory in the 3rd grade, who dried a spectacular bunch of canned pineapple slices for our class on Hawaiian-Luau day.  The way I remembered those amazing pineapples was my goal… so sweet, so sticky, still a tiny bit juicy inside… 


My pineapples were over-dried.  But while they did not live up to the memory I have held in my heart for years and years… they were still delicious!  How can you go wrong with sweet pineapple?  They were definitely the family’s favorite.  Although they were a bit crunchy, and very chewy, and a tad bit difficult to eat….


They also made delightful finger puppets. See?


EJ is going through a phase where he does not want his picture taken.  I think it’s more a phase where he does not want me to do a thing that I like… like take pictures of my children, sing, hold Dieter, kiss him, etc.  Anyway, that’s why he’s not looking at the camera in any of these pictures.  In fact…


… most of the pictures I took of him looked like this one.  I will hand it to him – he did not allow his obvious displeasure with my picture-taking to interrupt his enjoyment of the dried fruit.

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