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H is for Homeschooling?

Not much is happening right now with our study of the letter H – I keep thinking I wish I had found the game Hungry Hungry Hippo out there somewhere before I started this week!

Thoughts about education have been running through my head, though.  I’m the mom of two very young little boys, and I know I have a ways to go before final decisions are made about their education, but I am already thinking about homeschooling the boys.  And I’m so excited about it!  Since I just noticed that WordPress has added a polling option for posts, I’d like to run a little poll…  Are you thinking about homeschooling your children?

Now, I also don’t know the “demographics” of the people out there who might be stopping by our little blog – I’d love it if you’d leave a comment about how old your child/ren is/are… and if your answer is anything that would fall into the “Other” catagory (that apparently I left off the poll – sorry!), please leave a comment with your thoughts as well! 

This will be fun for me to learn who out there is thinking along the same paths as I am, and if I can bring some information to the table for discussion and for thought, that might be fun, too!



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