Unbelievable. U.

U had me stumped. I literally read my concordance on this one. Let’s see…unruly, undisciplined, unclean and unleavened. Not exactly the kind of verses I was hoping for.

I finally asked my twitterflies and got some great responses (my fave? Deuteronomy 9:6) And finally landed on Proverbs 16:22,

“Understanding is like a fountain of life to those who have it…”

I like the word picture of a fountain. I want Lydia to seek after Understanding (read: wisdom). I want it to be a fountain she continually draws from.

But as we read it together, I saw complete blankness on Lydia’s face. So I tried to explain it, “Well, you know what a fountain is right? Well, uhm, there’s lots of water, just like God gives us lots of understanding to you know, uhm…understand things. And be obedient to him. Uhm. Like a fountain. OK?” Oh well. I’m trusting God’s Word is being planted in her heart anyway…

For our little craft today, we did umbrellas. I blatantly stole this off another website…and unfortunately didn’t bookmark it so I have no idea where it came from. And honestly, now that I did it, I’m wondering why in the world I followed the instructions so specifically…

Supplies needed:
muffin liners (check!)
pipe cleaners (check!)
blue sugar (check!…huh?)

1. Rub glue stick all over paper.
2. Sprinkle blue sugar all over glue for rain. Pour off excess.

3. Fold muffin liners in half for umbrellas.

4. Glue to paper.
5. Cut pipe cleaners into small pieces. Shape like umbrella handle.
6. Glue to bottom of muffin liner.

Cute right?

But now I have a paper hanging in my living room with BLUE SUGAR falling onto the floor. What in the world? Every bug for miles around is going to come check out our U verse this week! Sheesh. Remind me not to pack that one away for her baby book!

When we finally decided to trace the big and little U, Lydia stepped into meltdown mode. She suddenly didn’t want to participate. She dropped her head. Grabbed the crayons. Refused to color. When I finally took away the paper and crayons, she cried for 20 minutes. UNBELIEVABLE.

Understanding? Fountain of Life? We needed it today. Big time.


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  1. Leigh

    ugh. We’ve been there more times than I can count! Not the blue sugar thing – the crying and stuff over coloring…