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Towers & Tinkerbell

In the continuing effort to maximize our “T verse and after our awesome train, I scoured our bookshelves for some good “T” books. But no such luck. Then I glanced at the site Leigh mentioned, Christian Preschool Printables but their suggestion was the Tower of Babel. Which made me remember my FAVORITE BOOK IN THE WHOLE WORLD and its story about the Tower of Babel.

So, Lydia and I read it. And for some reason, even though we’ve read it 100 times, she was mesmerized by this story and the tower. She asked lots of questions. And even though I couldn’t really explain languages, I was happy to read the end because (in my own terrible paraphrase), the author explains that there is no way we can get to heaven. We can never build a tower big enough. So, for man and God to be reconciled, Heaven would have to come to earth. And that is exactly what happened when Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem.


And the Tinkerbell? Well, my aunt sent Asa some clothes and was kind enough to not leave out the big sister. So, Lydia got a Tinkerbell paperdoll. We played with it forever and continued to talk about T-t-t-t-tinkerbell! Hey, anything can be a teachable moment! (Like, “Uh, Lydia, we do NOT dress like Tinkerbell. Only fairies can wear short skirts and a strapless bustiere and have pouty lips.”)


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