So, we’re on day two of the letter T. And I decided a train would be a great craft. I mean, there’s got to be mountains of crafts on trains. And there are. They are just all lame. At least to me. I found one made out of a tissue box and thought it might work ok. I modified it a little and well, here it is…

Supplies needed:

tissue box
toilet paper/paper towel tube
brown or plain paper
miscellaneous decorations


1. Wrap tissu! box with paper. I suggest you make sure the seam is on the bottom and the opening to the tissue box is on the top. That will help you later…

2. Cut tube to desired height and tape to end of box. Push tissues in tube. Voila–smoke stack and smoke!

3. Attach wheels and other decor as needed.

4. If you’re feeling really crafty, make some people to go along for the ride. Lydia and I used yarn, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes and clothespins to make exact replicas of ourselves. Lydia drove the train. I was the passenger. Of course.

Just punch them into the top of the train/box (this is why you want the opening on top) and they’ll be snug as a bug in a rug.

5. If you’re feeling especially educational (and happen to have some fun foam letters on you) spell the word “train”. Or you know, if you can’t fit it all in one line, just spell “Tra” and “in”. Whatever works.

6. Last but not least, practice your “chugga, chugga, chooo chooo”!


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  1. Leigh

    I LOVE it! This is definitely one I’ll remember for T. B/c little pirates also love trains. just so you know. 😉