Terrific T’s!

My little boy is 3 weeks old and now I finally feel like I can focus on something other than merely keeping my eyes open! Thank you, Leigh for all the awesome posts. I’m jealous of all the fun stuff you guys have done!

We’re finally back to our ABC’s and a had a lot of fun with this one! T is a terrific (*ahem*) letter and you could do tons (*cough*) with it.

We chose to do the most basic…a tree! It’s worked out well because the fall is upon us and the trees are worth looking at! We have a beautiful dogwood in our front yard that is changing this week to beautiful red leaves. It’s gorgeous.

So, after a little starfall, and a wonderful T tracing (hand drawn by moi), we made a tree. Actually, I cut out the trunk and limbs. Then, I had Lydia guess what it was. She had no idea. “A hand?” *sigh*

Then we went outside to gather TEN leaves. We were probably outside for 4 minutes. And when we went back inside to glue, she said giggling, “That was fun!”

I felt so bad. My little girl has had to grow up a lot these past 3 weeks. She needed some more fun time outside with her mama!

Anyway, we glued the ten leaves on and if I do say so myself, our tree is lookin’ pretty terrific!

I chose Proverbs 3:5 because its a “classic”. It also is the predescessor to our “R” verse, Proverbs 3:6. But I like it with the tree, too because it reminds me of seasons. We trust the seasons will come and go like they always do. I want Lydia to trust God with all her heart in the same way…recognizing his faithfulness in every season of life.


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  1. Leigh

    So cute! I’m glad to see you’re getting to do this with Lydia again!