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A fortuitous find!

As we walked from the car to the house this morning, we found EJ’s first feather!  (Please forgive the dust – I didn’t realize it would turn up in the picture – otherwise, I would’ve dusted!) 

feather in stone jar

EJ was very excited about the feather… he immediately declared it was from “our” hawk (we have a beautiful hawk that hangs out in our backyard).  It’s now in my “stone vase” – I realized after the 20th little rock EJ gave me that I would be getting a lot more rocks than flowers… and I love it!

We talked a lot about fall today.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s been cold enough in Richmond to make the leaves turn colors and fall… So there are not many leaves around yet.  However…


…acorns abound.  And they are not only falling – the trees fling the acorns down at us.  EJ knows about the acorns falling, so we sat in our front yard on this cool-ish fall day and gathered fallen acorns and flung them back at the trees.  Fun fun fun!

Tonight, I prepped an “F” surprise for tomorrow – fabulous fruit!

Fabulous fruit!

Does anyone listen to the They Might Be Giantskids’ CDs? Confession: I was a huge TMBG fan in high school…  when I heard they had children’s CDs, I got Here Come the ABCsfor EJ.  It’s a fun CD, with a lot of bouncy but not annoying songs about the alphabet.  For the letter F, there is a song called “Fake-Believe…”  and it keeps running through my head.  I need to share: “F is for FUN, F is for Fun, F is for FAKE-BELIEEEEEVE!”  There – now it’s out.  Thanks.



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