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Crayons save the day!

I wasn’t able to wrap up last week the way I intended to… 
Letter C

EJ was sick last Wednesday, so we weren’t able to take a trip to see baby chicks that just hatched at a friend’s house.  In fact, we weren’t able to do much at all.  But we hadn’t done anything with our letter C worksheets from First School, so EJ colored on those.  Look at his first “C” ever! 
EJ's first C

I had also been kicking around the idea of melting crayons into something else – I’ve seen letter shapes and circles on the web lately – but I don’t think EJ would have the patience for that yet.  I’ll save that for another year. 

Thursday saw us heading down to Nag’s Head for a long weekend at the beach with some family and friends.  We talked with EJ about the beach last week during B-week, and of course, he was super-excited to get there.  He had a great time with his cousins…

 the cousins

But we never actually made it to the actual beach.  Due to the storm that was off the coast, the surf was so high, and for some reason, the water level (is that what it’s called at the beach?) was really high, too.  When we took EJ to the beach the first time, there was no way to even make it down the stairs to walk on the beach – the tide had brought the water straight to the bottom of the stairs.  No beach to walk on, no sand for sand castles.  Thankfully, Jockey’s Ridge State Park was close by, so we did get some kite flying done.


Today, I’m catching up on housework after being gone (all that laundry!), and I need to plan for our week of D things!  So we’ll be back on our regular schedule starting tomorrow.  See you then!


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