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Shhhhh….the letter S!

Yes, it’s Thursday and we’re just getting to our abc verse this week. I’ve had a busy week and I’ve been cleaning non-stop for my little pirate to get here…in less than 11 days! The problem is, the cleaning just never stops. *sigh* Back to our letter…

It’s the super, spectacular, stupendous, stellar and special…S!

I had a hard time with this verse. Of course, there was SON (as in Jesus) or SABBATH (as in, “who uses that word?”) or even SALVATION or SAVIOR (as in “what does that mean to a 2 year old?”). So, I chose a letter combination…kind of in the vein of Leigh’s hard C/soft C/Ch…and we chose…

“I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep and my sheep know me.” John 10:14 NIrV

I love this verse for so many reasons. Three “s” words for one. But really because it says so much about Jesus. He is our Shepherd. Not just any shepherd. The GOOD shepherd. I so want Lydia to see Jesus as the one who loves her most and is always doing good for her.

When my husband and I were in transition between jobs a few years ago, this whole section in John 10 really helped us. Jesus talks about how we know His voice and we won’t follow a stranger’s voice. This is a lesson worth learning at an early age–when we belong to Jesus, we’ll be able to tell the difference between His voice and the enemy’s. I like it!!

OK, back to our super S craft.

We started off making a sheep. I have to say I cheated a little on this one because I had these cute fun-foam leftovers from “Easter”. We made the sheep…

And then we needed a shepherd.

I had randomly picked up a surfer fun foam craft for like 12cents at Michael’s a few weeks ago. (We had a pool party with Lydia’s cousins and I wanted to make some summer-y crafts. Well, we never did. So, he’s been sitting in my “craft” closet waiting for the day we did the letter “s”.) But instead of a surfer, I figured he’d make a great shepherd!

And I was right!

I also found a fun-foam “S” and I think it really adds to it. You know, kind of a “Super Shepherd” kinda thing.

While we let that dry, I made a few S’s for Lydia to trace. Our printer is still jacked up and I still don’t have the patience to fix it, so I couldn’t print off the ones I usually do. She did the small S first and you can see she started making a circle. Then she went back and traced it perfectly. I was so impressed!

The rest of our week is pretty packed, so I’m hoping we can do a little more for “s” than SCRUB the bathroom, STOP whining and STRAIGHTEN the bedrooms.


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