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Soft C

I think C can be a hard letter for a child to understand at times – it makes so many sounds.  I’ve introduced 3 sounds of C to EJ… hard C as in cat, soft C as in centipede, and CH as in chocolate.  I just couldn’t isolate them and only do the hard C at this time – who could do the letter C for a week and not mention chocolate?  It would have to be a stronger person than I am.

It’s a wonderful dreary-fall-is-thinking-about-coming kind of day here in Richmond, so we have hunkered down inside all day.  We broke out the paint and painted some circle art!

Circle art

I am sure many others have done this out there in the world wide internets, but this is one I didn’t look up online at all.  I’ve been collecting different sizes of bottle caps and jar lids for a while, and some different ideas have been kicking around in my head about how to use them.  This one was as basic as they come – dip different sized round lids (or other circle items) into different color paints, and let the kiddo go crazy.

We both had a good time with this one, and I love the finished artwork!  We did a couple different ones to give to family members who love refrigerator-art.

Circle art

Since EJ has been reluctant to talk a lot about our weekly Bible verses, I’ve been thinking about some other things to do with them to help impress them into his heart.  This week’s verse, “Cast all your care upon him, for he cares about you. ” (1 Peter 5:7) has a much better cadence to it than the others I’ve picked, and that helps us some.  I also think I’m going to look through the different Seeds Family Worship CDsto see if there are any verses that they use for any songs that would fit well each week (ooo – I just found their website and they have memory aids and chord charts for each verse and song!!!).  EJ loves these CDs (I love them, too!), and they truly do plant the seeds of the Word into the hearts of children.  EJ started singing along with the CDs before he was 18 months old.  I hope that if I can make the verse of the week real to him in more than one way, it will help a lot. 

Do any of you have any advice in this area?  I feel like I am prepared with crafts and letter activities, but when it comes to hiding the Word in EJ’s heart, I feel lost.


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