Bubble art

Today’s activity was so much fun.  Bubble art!  There are so many posts/tutorials/examples of this on the web, with tons of different ways to do this, so I just made up my own bubble paint with products I had on hand.
bubble art supplies

Bubbles left over from party favors, washable paint, cups, plates, bubble wands, and bubble wrap.  I experimented with the bubble paint solution – adding more paint until it seemed concentrated enough, and then adding a tad bit more water so the bubbles were easier to blow.  Then I cut a couple small sections of the bubble wrap to act as stamps to dip directly into paint.  See?mixed bubble paint

bubble wrap





We headed outside (what a wonderful day – high in the low 70’s in Virginia in September – unheard of!!!) with our paints and a big piece of butcher paper.  EJ started blowing bubbles onto the paper right away – and never touched the bubble wrap stamps.  Oh well.
blowing bubble art

The bubble art quickly changed into chasing bubbles around the yard, which was tons of fun, too.  Notice his new painting t-shirt: a blue Beatles t-shirt* that I “outgrew” a while ago.  More Bs!!!
blowing bubbles

We also blew big bubbles in our cups!

Cup bubbles

Here’s a glimpse of our finished product.  It’s hanging up to dry, and I want to hang it up in EJ’s room when it’s ready.  I’ll get some pictures of it hanging up before the B week is over. 

bubble art

This project was a hit.  I think if I were to do it again, I’d use food coloring to tint the bubbles – the paint I used didn’t do exactly what I wanted it to do.  Others have also used tempura paint (powdered), but I didn’t have any on hand.  The bubble wrap stamps were not as interesting, although I had fun with them.  It might be more fun as a large scale project just using the bubble wrap.  The extra bubble wrap will be popped soon enough, though, bringing more bubble fun to our B week. 

*EJ’s still wearing the Beatles t-shirt.  I’m going to make him a Beatles fan after all!

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  1. How cool are you?! I love this activity! Seriously, we’re doing this!