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B is for Boy


B is FUN!!!!  I have so many ideas running around in my head for this week – and something planned for each day!  Do you realize how many kid-friendly B-words there are?  Bike, ball, boat, bird, bat, bear, broccoli (a favorite here – really!), book, Bible, balloon, bubble… the list goes on and on!  I kept thinking of new ones all day.  Boo-boo, big, Big Boy (one of EJ’s nicknames), baby, Backyardigans…

As I looked for a B verse for the week, I kept coming back to the word “Believe.”  “Everything is possible for the one who believes.” and “Anyone who believes in Christ is a new creation. The old is gone! The new has come!” were my top runners until I came across “Children, obey your parents as believers in the Lord. Obey them because it’s the right thing to do.” Eph 6:1 (NIrV).  Bingo!  We are working hard on obedience daily – the poor little 2 year old does everything in his power to not obey us most days, it seems.  So this is the perfect verse for us this year week. 

 B verse

EJ circled the B’s in the verse (no glue this week!), and we actually talked about it first, instead of leaving it until last like I did last week.  He was much more interested in it this time.

Then we colored and outlined our B alphabet sheet from First School.  EJ really worked hard to outline the letters on the worksheet – it’s kind of hard to see the parts he did in yellow – but I was so impressed… I didn’t say anything like, “Now, draw the B…”  I just opened the box of crayons and he started outlining them!

 the letter B

We also looked at other things that start with the letter B (bell, bee, binoculars, banana, berry, butterfly, bus…).  I’m not so excited about my clipart creation this week.  I think what made it such a hit last week was that he got to use the glue (which he asked for immediately today).  I had already glued the cutout pictures to a sheet of brown (blue, black, beige…) paper so I could avoid the mess.  EJ barely looked at them this time.  sigh… I really need to get over my fear OCD concern about messes so I don’t stifle my children’s creativity.  And for goodness sake – I have two BOYS!  Things are going to get messy around here!!!

B is for...

And I also have a drawing to share… like Lydia’s robot, Razi, EJ’s drawing of faces has taken big steps.  I’ve labelled the individual parts, since my husband couldn’t tell what he was seeing.  But EJ specifically said, “Eye, eye, nose, smile.  And I want HAIR!”

first faces!!!

In case you’re wondering… Tasha is the Tasha from the Backyardigans.  Those guys are all he talks about some days. 

And I know I’ve flooded you with pictures today, but I have one more to share.  B is for BROTHERS!




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Remember the Letter R

Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant, but I could not think of one verse that began with the letter “R” except “Rejoice in the Lord always” and honestly, I wasn’t sure if that was a verse or a song! So, I pulled out my handy dandy concordance and began to flip through the R’s. Wow. Concordances are…well, detailed.

Finally, I got to the word “remember” and I liked this idea. I want Lydia to REMEMBER the things of the Lord. While comparing the concordance to the NIRV on biblegateway.com, I found one of my favorite verses (and probably one of the first I ever memorized) Proverbs 3:6, “In all your ways REMEMBER Him. Then He will make your path smooth and straight.”

(Now that I look at it and we’ve said it a few hundred times, I should have split this up and done the first sentence this week and the second sentence next week for “S”: smooth and straight. Live and learn.)

I know “remember” is kind of a hard concept, even though we do talk about remembering a lot. So, I taught Lydia the sign for remember to kind of help emphasize the word and the verse. (You can see the sign here.) I think this helped and she’s very intent to do the sign while we say the verse…or while I say the verse.

(We’ve done sign language with Lydia since she was months old. She knows well over a hundred signs. So, she’s used to this. But regardless, I think motions/signs help emphasize any learning. The more senses you can use, the more you’ll remember.)

There are so many great r words: roses, rainbow, round/rectangle, red…and ROBOT. Ever since Lydia saw Wall-E (or Waaaaalllleeee, as she says it), she’s been really into robots. We decided to make a red, rectangle robot with ribbon appendages. We pulled out the ever-present baby name book and decided on “Razi” as a first name. What can I say? She liked it.

By the way, Lydia did the whole thing by herself with the exception of the ribbon and the awesome button and light drawings I did on Razi’s chest. Did you see the great eyes and nose she did? That’s a big improvement—there are actually TWO separate eyes! Oh, and the “scribbling” on the top left? Lydia wrote “Razi the Robot”, of course.

I was going to go through our books for “R” but Lydia already thought of a book because it has a RAINBOW in it…our Little Golden Book of Noah’s Ark. It’s actually quite good–follows the story well and has cute pictures. We’ll do more with Noah and the rainbow this week because I think it’s a great tie in to “remember”—God put the rainbow in the sky so we could REMEMBER His promise to us.

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